Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kymberlee Burks-Miller author of Compulsion!!!

So here I am and I wanna tell y'all not only about a great book Compulsion but also about the striking mind behind this book!! Compulsion is a new twist on witches and vampires, what happens when you mix the two? Well only pure genius when mixed by the amazing Kymberlee, she twists a tale and keeps readers on the hook like a fish.. The detail and depth to Compulsion means you can't and won't miss anything and to me that's important in a good book!
As for the author, well she is just a true gem of a person! She sparkles even when people are trying to tarnish her shine. She will go out of her way to be a friend to anyone and her good heart can cause her pain sometimes but hea a little secret that's what makes a great writer, experiencing pain and heartache and being able to turn it around and show how relatable it is for us readers.. Kymberlee has worked long and hard for us the readers to enjoy her book and I happen to know that soon very very soon more books will be coming. I hope that everyone will go grab a copy, send a like to her page, and tell her hi!! It's all about being good to the ones who are good to the world.
So in the end Compulsion is available on Smashwords and soon to Amazon but I suggest you jump on the chance to buy this book and check out her Facebook page Compulsion!!