Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pulse Of Heroes author A. Jacob Sweeny

Oh y'all here I am to talk about one of my favorite authors of all time, A. Jacob Sweeny author of Pulse Of Heroes, Of Blood And Pulse, and the new short A Sword For His Women. Where to begin? Well let's start with the books, history, drama, and a budding romance grace POH the first book in this amazing series. The characters are beautifully written and mirror real life. The lead couple Elliot and Michelle are comparable to Bella and Edward except Michelle and Elliot are so much more in depth and must work through real issues to make their love survive. Their love is passionate and new all at once and it faces the same issues all couples go through in life which makes it so much more compelling to read and follow. Book 1 is gut wrenching and dramatic but engrossingly full of history and information! If you've ever wondered what it was like thousands of years ago this book is full of details just such as that. Book 2 Of Blood And Pulse is not second in anyway it's as amazing as book 1 I mean the detail and the information is insane! Michelle and Elliot fight through more everyday issues of couples and some not so normal issues that come with loving an immortal. What do you do when the immortal you love maybe dying in front of your very eyes?
A.J. Is a brilliant woman she is full of knowledge and information. She is also so kind and endearing. I can't sometimes fathom that she actually talks to me and is one of my friends, her brilliant mind shines through in all of her books and keeps the readers captivated. She is deep and complex but also light hearted and carefree, she is funny and witty just an all around great person. She wrote an epic love story with twists and turns but also kept it completely relatable with being a normal 17 year old girl in love for the first time!! A.J. has an immense knowledge of history and the world and she tells of places in such detail that I can close my eyes and picture what the world looked like a thousand years ago and what an adventure to go on!!
These books are not something you can just skim over because you won't understand you must read and as I say absorb every little detail and appreciate the work it took to write these books. So go get these absolutely epic books and become a member of The Pulse group yourself you won't be sorry!!!


  1. :))) love it girl!!! Great post!! GREAT BOOKS!!;))))

  2. Awesome post Anne!! I agree 100% love AJ and her series so much.

  3. Thank you for all the kind words...from the bottom of my heart.

  4. I'm sure everyone agrees when I say that they are much deserved!!