Thursday, May 31, 2012

Angels, Shifters, and Eaters OH MY!!!

You know I love my unique reads and let me just say that Jamie Lynn Dougherty can whip up a story like no other!!! She takes time honored favorites and puts a spin on them that will leave your head reeling!!!! Not only is she an author of fabulous books she is also a talented artist and designer!! I have the immense pleasure of owning a painting she did for me. It is stunning and her other works are just as breathtaking! Wanna see what she designs? Well take a look at my blog layout!! Yup she did this too!! I'm telling y'all buy her books, buy her one of a kind art pieces and hire her to make your sites pretty!!! Cause one day she's gonna be expensive!!! Love Jamie Lynn Dougherty she is on the rise!! Look out world!!!

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