Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Lovers Unite for a Cause!!!!!!

OK all my friends and fellow book lovers, ever wonder how you can help support the authors? Well here is how. Do you have a dollar or two to spare? I know I do and I know times are tough BUT 2 of our beloved authors and friends Jennifer Malone Wright and A.Jacob Sweeny have been invited to a convention to promote not only their books but their selves. These two fabulous women deserve this chance and the rest of the country deserves to meet them. So how do we help? We donate!!!! Any amount you can to help them with the trip costs.
This is where you find Jennifer and all her amazing books!! And believe me you want to read her stories.
This is where you find A. Jacob Sweeny and her amazing Historical Paranormal exciting book and you are in for a ride of a life time with this one.
These women have given us stories that have kept us company at night and fueled adventures even our wildest imaginations couldn't come up with. So NOW is the time when we team together and do what's right!!! For them and for me THANK YOU!!!! 

Here is where you donate and also where you find out about their  convention and where they're going and who they'll be with!!!! Please help us out and Give whatever you can!!!!! XOXO

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