Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Interview with Hadeno!!

Welcome to my interview with Hadeno from Pulse Of Heroes, being the girl magnet he is I was very nervous tobe in his presence. I was not disappointed as I looked out the windows of therestaurant to see a long dark limo arrive and then see a god in his own rightsstep from the back.

Hadeno shows up in a black limo. Hischauffeur opens the door for him and a faint scent of fine European women’s’perfume escapes out into the surrounding air. Confident, he saunters over tothe corner table at the restaurant where the intervieweris already seated. He sits down with a smile and touches the waitress’s hip asshe walks by. He orders a glass of wine for himself.
                I’msorry, would you like one too?
              Yes, yesI would. Let’s get this started (breathes deep and controls emotions)

  1. Why kidnap Michelle? Why not turn on the charm she was falling for anyway?

I have no idea whatyou’re talking about, woman. Think back a little… I never kidnapped Michelle.She was all over me, virgin or not. She came with Vilna. It was she who wrappedher legs and lips around mine, I just aim to please. (Hadeno winks and slidesdown a little lower on the bistro chair… his legs are stretched in front ofhim, slightly spread) And besides, if she likes Elliot, why not his older andbetter-looking brother? (He raises his brows in amusement)
2 - Why the hurry to get ahold of a woman who has "thepulse" you’re immortal?
No realhurry, it’s just that if Elliot thought that Michelle was good enough for himthen I had to see for myself. You humans are weak compared to us. When I want ason I need the woman to be stronger. Women with The Pulse of Heroes running through their veins are just that,although more annoying too. It seems to come with the territory. (Hadeno leanshis chair back on two legs and laughs to himself at his own joke)
3 - Is there anything you want to do that you haven't yet?
Oh my you’re just all flattery andcompliments.
 (Looks directly at interviewer’s eyes,refusing to take his off hers… he slowly leans in closer from across the tableand reaches with his hand to touch the interviewer’s face) There’s something inyour hair. (Removes a small flower petal from interviewer’s locks)
4 - How do you feel about being in a book? Is it hard toswallow being branded the villain?
The bookthing is alright. I mean, I can’t really stop A. Jacob Sweeny from writingabout us. I could try but the rest of the guys seem to be unnaturallyoverprotective of her. She obviously has them under some kind of witches’spell. I think she has The Pulse verystrong. So I just let her write whatever… and I am NOT a villain. You just haveto understand where I’m coming from. (Hadeno takes a small breathing break,stroking his stubbly chin, he is lost in thought for a moment…) I mean, Ididn’t want Michelle to see me kill Elliot, like I would need that on top ofher already fragile mind. And besides if she gave me a son I would have paid upas I promised. I’m tired of having daughters – the dolls, the bleeding, all thepink dresses, the endless tears. And then the roughing her up around on thehorse? That’s no big deal… you women know you all like a strong man. I just dowhat I can. (Bows his head slightly… a sly smile sneaks up across his lips)

5 - I don't think you’re a bad guy, I think you’re verymisunderstood. Is there anything you want to say in you defense?
Well I’mglad you see the truth this way. Now you can line up with the rest of myaficionadas. I never forget a face, or a… (Looks directly at interviewer’schest)
(roll my eyes and use the cappedend of the pen under his chin to gently tilt his head back up to meet my eyes)Careful now Haden I’m no Michelle. I play rough.
 But really, if I was bad would I be sittinghere talking to you right now, face to face? I mean, Elliot had to be killedbecause the truth lies with me. It was the only way. I can’t help it if he’s myhalf-brother. And Michelle well… women have to be taught what they like. Trustme, she still thinks about me. That’s just the kind of impression I leave.

After our wine glasses were drainedand the blush left my cheeks, Hadeno sauntered out of the restaurant knowing heleft me flustered and breathless. My thoughts are never have I wanted to smacka man in his face and on his ass at the same time before.  For Hadeno though it is exactly how I feel.


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