Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview with A Jacob Sweeny Auhtor of Pulse Of Heroes

  1. With such a plethora of heroes in the Pulse books, how do you keep them all separate and so in depth? Let's face it the guys of POH are complex and sexy

This is a very good question. When I startedwriting Pulse Of Heroes I wanted to have my immortals embody world history andI knew that I couldn’t put such an immense weight of information into onecharacter. That’s when I decided on creating several immortals that come fromdifferent parts of the world. Once I decided on my several characters I wantedto make sure that their attitudes would be believable so I researched thehistory and cultural norms of where they came from. This is what makes themstand out as so unique from one another. I also immediately formulated aback-story for each of them, so that would affect their personalities too.Obviously Elliot is the main immortal character, but I sought to have hisfriends (and enemies) be as multi-dimensional as possible without overshadowinghim. There are times when I do write someone’s dialogue and I re-read it andsay to myself “Wait, Ando would never say that based on so-and-so...” It’sdefinitely not an easy task, but I think that is why my readers are so involvedwith my characters; they feel real.

The sexy part, well that just comes natural J

  1. Since writing POH and OBAP what has changed for you? By this I mean can you share some positives and negatives to the writing world.
A lot has changed and mostlyfor the positive! The phenomenal reception that my books have received has beenamazing and humbling and an absolute dream come true. I have met so manywonderful people and have received such positive reviews and emails… The flipside to all this success is that I have much less time to actually write, whichis what I love to do. As an independent author I wear many hats. I am thecreator, the promoter, the distributor, and I do my own PR. I also design allthe merchandise etc. And now this summer I’m starting to tour as well. My freetime has become very limited and very valuable.
  1. Given your background in historical knowledge would you ever pursue a new writing endeavor?
I actually have a suspensemystery that has been pretty much complete in my head even before I wrote downthe first word for Pulse Of Heroes, and there is actually no history init. Yet for now I’m planning to continue writing a whole lot more about ourmuch-loved hot immortals in my Pulse Historia Series.
  1. What are your vices when writing? Food, drink, music, view and so on.
Music, definitely, and thesongs I listen to actually weave their way into the stories and help me to keepmy tone consistent from beginning to end. Nature helps inspire me, and I dohave a view of the outdoors from where I do most of my writing. But I’ll behonest that I can be a bit compulsive, and that I can’t settle down to writeuntil the house is clean and vacuumed. My animals shed all over the place anddrag in leaves and sticks from the outside, and then to top it all off theynose me for attention or just sit and stare at me with burning eyeballs, wonderingwhat the heck I’m doing just sitting there for hours at a time!
  1. With so much going on for you can you give us pointers on balancing it all? How do you do it all??
That I haven’t figured outyet… but when I do I’ll let you know. Although red wine and good Europeanchocolate do seem to help.


  1. great interview! I have yet to read the series but I so want to.

  2. Nice interview. It's always fun to learn more about other authors. :)

  3. Thank you so much Anne, for featuring me... Just a little window into my world <3

  4. Great interview. I've read Pulse of Heroes and Of Blood and Pulse and now I'm anxiously awaiting Pulse Genisis!

  5. Love the interview!! I am so excited for Pulse Genesis! You have done such an awesome job with this series!!!