Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review of Fairy Thief by Johanna Frappier

hea y'all Anne here and I've just finished reading Fairy Thief by Johanna Frappier and holy wow of an imagination. Johanna must have the most extraordinary dreams ever!! This book picks up seamlessly right where Fairy Circle ended and poor Saffron is still being mislead and treated harshly by her fairy mates Li and Ny. In this book though Saffron becomes the center of focus as a jealous Ny takes her human loves soul and hides it. Saffron is fitted with 2 fairy guides who are shameless and crass to lead her through realm after realm in search of Ny and Makis. The journey is not to be taken lightly as they encounter some of the wildest and strangest creatures you could ever imagine. Johanna details her story so on point that nothing is missed, not a color unseen, or a feeling fleeting by. She paints world after world full of life and dangers and our awesome trio encounter some not so great realms and then there are the good ones along the way Orji becomes picked up as a portal guide and is taken along to aid the merry band of misfits before to much time passes on earth. This book has fun characters that are completely fun and laughable as the fairies sport their nonchalance about human ways Saffron is pushed several times to the breaking point only to be brought back by Orji, who may I add is pretty hot himself. Saffron sees Orji but won't allow her feelings to get away from her given she has already had one love taken from her. What could Ny do next and where has he taken Markis and where will all this leave the gang? Well grab a copy of Fairy Thief and find out!!! This series does NOT disappoint it's twisted and fun, you fawn over the fairies and become furious at their antics. It's an amazing series and I can not wait for book 3.. 5 out of 5 stars for Fairy Thief by Johanna Frappier!!!! Bring on all her books I am ready.


  1. Oh, I am so in agreement with this review! Now, you'll say, I helped with the grammar a little in the book, but I have to agree that Johanna's imagination is extraordinary! These books are really good, and it's because of nothing I had anything to do with - her fabulous writing!

  2. Her books are amazing I love them and I am so greatfull that she sends them to me!!!! Love Johanna